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Less than four weeks until we leave for Cornwall! We are staying in a cottage in Tintagel for a week with my best friend from school and her husband *waves at K & J*. I'm trying to compile a list of things to do; at the top is Tintagel castle, followed by Boscastle, Padstow and perhaps a walk across Bodmin Moor if the weather is kind to us.

I am somewhat dreading the journey - six hours on a train with a toddler? Everyone in the carriage is going to hate me by the time we reach Plymouth, aren't they. Oh dear. I've been advised to pack a bag full of cakes Smarties tranquillisers toys and books that Alex hasn't seen before, and periodically present him with one. Let's hope it works. At least we've booked him his own seat...

The cottage itself looks lovely and I'm very excited. I've got the week before off work (plus the following Monday) and I cannot WAIT. I've had it with pensioners, really I have. Actually that's not strictly true - the pensioners themselves are fine, it's just all the coming-up-to-retirement types who treat me like some sort of idiot skivvy, without realising that I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT AND THEY DON'T. Seriously. Just because you read in the Daily Mail that all pensioners are going to get a million pounds/free gin for life/a second home on the Costa Del Sol doesn't make it true. And there's nothing I can do about that, sorry! 

And on that note I really ought to do something productive while Alex is asleep...


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