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As many of you may be aware, I am something of a Rufus Wainwright fan. I also have the good fortune to be acquainted with an utterly marvellous (if slightly unhinged, and you'll see why in a minute) lady by the name of Fawsley on LJ. The combination of these two facts led last night to the following news...

I AM GOING TO THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL IN DECEMBER TO SEE THE WAINWRIGHT FAMILY CHRISTMAS SHOW!!! Can I get a SQUEEEE! and also a W00T? Lovely Faws emailed me last night to see if I would be interested in going, and my response was, shall we say, positive. I crossed my fingers and told her to go for it & see if tickets were available. The result, as revealed in my email inbox this morning?

WE HAVE A BOX. A BOX AT THE ROYAL ALBERT FLIPPING HALL. You see now why I called the lady unhinged? I may have to sell a kidney to fund this momentous event but boy it will be worth it...

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What fun! Perhaps Sir Ian will be there again.