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ninth_wave ([personal profile] ninth_wave) wrote2009-05-05 02:45 pm

In my experience, there are two ways to deal with an impending toddler
meltdown brought on by being cooped up on a rainy day. One is to find a
handy local toddler group and let him vent his frustrations on the
grubby Duplo; the other is to head to the corner shop and purchase the
grimmest, lardiest and decidedly laziest packet of cake mix possible.

Yesterday was a day for Option Two. Armed with one box of Betty Crocker
Devils Food Cake mix, some Scotbloc and several eggs, we got the
whizzers (i.e. the food mixer) out and created the biggest, shiniest
chocolate cake to grace my kitchen for a very long time. Of course it
tastes a bit synthetic and there is something slightly
not-quite-chocolate about Scotbloc, but my goodness I was grateful to
unwrap a hefty slice if it this lunchtime.

The homemade, virtuous wholewheat blueberry muffins can wait until I'm
feeling a bit more Proper Mummy...